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Question Pass

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Always wanted to have contact to a professional coach? Do you have more questions about the game than you can count, but people online don't answer them regularly, and even if they do, you're not sure if you can trust their validity?

Maybe you thought about getting a coaching session, but you are too shy to show your gameplay, don't feel comfortable talking to a coach, or aren't sure if you'll mesh well with me yet?

Searched far and wide through the internet for a guide about a specific topic that you simply couldn't find?

If this sounds like you, a Question pass might just be what you need! Having a coachee pass allows you to send me questions 24/7, via Discord or E-mail, and you'll get a reply as soon as possible! (Usually no longer than 24 hours, contrary to popular belief I do actually sleep, so in the rare event that I don't reply immediately, I am sleeping or busy coaching!)

  • You have an issue in game?

  • Confused about a choice that a professional player may have made?

  • Want to talk more about goals and mindset?

  • Interested in information about joining a team?

  • Questions about Skillrating and MMR?

  • Lacking a fundamental understanding of Teamcomp?

  • Not sure how to communicate effectively?

Or anything else about Overwatch that has you wondering!

No matter what question, just get in touch with me and ask! You can ask as many questions as you want within said timeframe (As long as they are Overwatch gameplay related. I'm not gonna help you file your taxes :P)!

And best of all, Question passes stack, so if you still have a few days remaining on your current pass, you can simply get a new one and it's duration will be added on top of your remaining days!

Bulk discounts apply!

1 Month:    9.99€/mo
3 Months:  7.49€/mo

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