Improving faster by asking the right questions!

The title may sound a bit stupid but please give me a chance to explain. If you clicked on this video then chances are you want to get better at Overwatch. You want to do everything possible to win your games and perfect your gameplay. You want to have a plan for whatever the enemy team throws at you. Being versatile and prepared for those situations is what makes a good player, right?

Well, sadly a lot of players are hindering their progress by asking the wrong questions, or thinking about topics that quite frankly don't matter.

I want to give a recent example. Someone joined my discord server and asked the following questions: "What do you think is a good accuracy % for McCree?" Now apparently he already got the answer "54%" by IDDQD himself, but he wanted to ask in my discord just to be sure. While 54% sure is a pretty good accuracy for McCree depending on the situation, that's not what's interesting here. I want to talk about the quality of the question itself.

As a player wanting to improve you always want to think about things that will lead you to win more games. Good players win games, so winning games makes you a good player. So ask yourself the question: "Could getting the answer to this question possibly win me a game, ever?". Whenever you think about something, whenever you watch a Youtube Video, whenever you go to someone like me and ask a question, ask yourself "Is there any possibility that this would win me a game in the future?". Let's look at some examples.

"What's a good accuracy with character X?" Do you think knowing this will ever help you win a game? What happens if your accuracy is lower than this? What happens if your accuracy is higher than this? Will you just stop practicing your aim? Will there ever be a situation in a game where knowing what kind of accuracy would be good right now will help you win?

Let's look at another example: "Is Mercy a low skill character?". It doesn't matter if she is or not, will this piece of knowledge ever help you win a game? Can you imagine winning a game and telling yourself "Oh boy, good thing I knew that Mercy is a low skill character, I wouldn't have won this game otherwise!". Probably not.

"How much extra movement speed do Genji and Tracer have?". This one is a classic. Theorycrafting to insanity. It doesn't matter if character X deals 44.4 or 44.5 damage per frame. It won't EVER matter and I am 100% sure that Pros will laugh at you for wasting your time on these questions. This is a video game, not a college major! Don't overcomplicate everything!

How about "When is the best time to queue?". Do you think you will ever win a game and tell yourself "Oh boy if I would've queued 5 hours earlier I sure as heck wouldn't have won this game!".

Or let's go to a VERY popular question. "Is Sombra a second Support or a Third DPS?". Now, again I don't really want to go into the specifics here, but do you really think that this will matter? EVER?

"Is Hanzo a luck based no skill ability?". I don't know. Maybe? Maybe not? I don't have the answer to that question because I don't need it. I never died and asked myself "Oh man, was that luck or not?". I ask myself "Could I have stood somewhere else to not die here?".

I hope you get the picture. Now keep in mind, just casually chatting and contemplating some fun topics is completely fine. But this is for the players who want to IMPROVE as fast as possible. This is for those who don't want to chill in Silver for the next 3 seasons. This is for those who dream of playing in the Overwatchleague one day. Stop asking questions that won't ever win you a single game.

Let's just have a look at some questions that are good.

"When should I use my Transcendence?". This is a good question. Knowing for example that it's a good Idea to use it offensively since it charges so quickly anyways can definitely win you some team flights that you would've lost if you saved your ultimate for an enemy push.

"How can I deal with Genji's as Ana?" This is another good question. Learning how to properly use your cooldowns and how techniques like quick scoping can help you win fights against Genji as Ana will win you games. There will be situations where you'll tell yourself "Good thing I learned that I don't need to burn my Nade immediately when the enemy Genji dragon blades, instead I waited until he hit me once so that I can get more value out of my nade and waste more of the Genji's time!".

"As Soldier, is it a good Idea to position myself with my Supports, or is it better if I go to the high ground alone?". Again, this is an excellent question. Knowing for example that it's a good Idea to walk around with your Zenyatta to protect him, while its best to just take the high ground on your own if you play with a Pharmercy will help you win games. You will stop losing team fights asking yourself "How does our Zenyatta not have transcendence yet?" once you start protecting him, something that you may not have figured out on your own.

So let's just conclude this. If it is your number 1 priority to just get as good at the game as possible, stop wasting your time talking and theory crafting about things that DON'T matter. Ask concrete questions. Watch your own gameplay, look for moments where you have no idea what you should have done differently. Ask concrete questions. "How could I have avoided dying here?". "Did I waste my ability here?". "Was this character the right pick?". Those are questions that will lead to you becoming a Grandmaster. Asking "Should Mercy get an E ability?" will make you fall behind. It doesn't matter if you play for 30 hours every week if you spend 15 of those watching Pro Streams and Tournaments while spamming my discord asking why you lose more SR than you gain you won't get anywhere at all. There are no stupid questions, but there are useless ones.